Monday, June 30, 2014

What a wonderful way to start Monday morning! I was scrolling, surfing, (?), pinterest and found a nice site.
Hope my link works! She had one of the songs on her blog. I loved it and wanted to share it. I listened to both these and they are inspiring. Guess I will go read about the group. ..

Do have some cards to share.. I had sooo much fun doing these. I am into a lot of things now, mainly pretty, or shabby chic. Guess that is almost collage. Not the way I used to do collage. I look at it now and think sometimes "what was I thinking?"!! Yes, it was messy. Well these cards were somewhat like that. I could splat, (reinkers), spray, (water), or blow with a cleaning duster! I could add more ink and just let it run oh, so much fun! Next step distress the edges and stitch some of the layers. I used a base white, then just tried to match my background colors for the layers. Put the layers together and add flowers, thread, cheesecloth. You could stamp in some spots, add some jewels, and there you have it! Oops, I did do a banner for the front.

Thanks for looking!

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