Wednesday, June 29, 2016

June 29 2016 Tribute

Today is just a heartfelt picture as I remember two of our best friends. Heidi is the black tri color & Maxie is the red merle. Such beautiful girls.  They were young in this picture.
Yes how they change physically, but their hearts are so sweet. Heidi was 16 here. Probably close to June 29, 2008. Above Maxie was nearly 13.  
Thanks for letting me share!

Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June 113 degrees

I am going to stay inside on the computer today! Hot Hot here.

This is the Petunia die by Tonic. Just a quick preview today as they are more ways to use this!
Thanks for Looking!

June Post

  Yesterday I couldn't get pictures to load at all. Now I pretty much lost that train of thought! Here is a partial view of the Las Vegas Strip. I took this with my canon SX120. It is my 'go to camera'. It is
comfortable. Definitely not small, but not as big as the D70. The SX is older & I will be sad when it finally quits. The last of the camera stores are gone from the valley, so repair would have to be shipped ...  PS. I was on the 29th floor of Tahiti village here. Quite a view.
One more 'off topic' picture ...

Have any of you heard of a 'Hoya" plant.?  The leaves are kind of waxy and smooth. They are supposed to bloom with balls of star- shaped flowers like this. I think they can be pink or white. These are a light pink at first, then they lighten even more. I have had the plant since 1978. Yes, 1978. I got it from a hostess when I sold Home Interiors in California. This is the first year it has ever bloomed!! My plant blooms one flower a week, and we watch every single time. I' had 4 flowers. My Mother told me (a long time ago),  that they could be full of flowery blooms, but this one never did. They smell absolutely wonderful. The flower only lasts about a week.

Thanks for looking, If I don't quit now, you will be looking at Gracie rolling around again! Thats the dog. I could wallpaper the house with pictures of the dogs!


Tuesday, June 21, 2016

June 21st Looking at......

Yes,  this month has been busy. Got to visit with family from Oregon a couple times. Nice. Las Vegas has a new Ikea store. Yeah! I've been there 3 time in about 4 weeks. Got that cool rolling cart that I found on Pinterest.  I am convinced that everyone needs one of these!
Am working on cards for the 4th church donation. This is really special, as I didn't have to try to explain what my vision is for the cards.This church got it. Just to update.... I do several categories of cards. Inspiration, (scripture), Biblical quotes, Blank, Everyday verse, Get Well & Sympathy. Then lastly young boys and girls. The cards are meant to 'uplift' those who have a need, or they can be used as an introductry to a home or hospital visit. Is introductry a word?? 

Monday, June 6, 2016

June 6 Monday

Here are another three cards! These are from Stampinback stamps. I think "I Brake for Stamps" is the only place you can buy them here in the U. S. Love the monochromatic colors.
I can't remember the name of the sets. The flowers and the ballerina are in the same set. The fashionistas are another set.
Hope you like!
Thanks for looking
113 degrees here yesterday!