Saturday, May 30, 2015

We found a new thing to do!  Dont' you just love it when you get excited about a new project or technique or stamp set?? These are pocket letters. I've done swaps with altered books, Atc's, & chunky books... . Wow! when we did chunky books ( a have about 8-10), we had to make a 4x4 page for each person that signed up. Several time we had over 100 people! I'm not complaining, the hostess is the one who had to assemble and create the cover for all of us! The pocket letters are like little Atc's. They fit in a baseball card holder. They are decorated art on the front with 'bits' of goodies behind. Here is a link . Looks like fun!
Here are my pockets. For most all of the pockets I used stamps, both cling & clear from Power Poppy. The flowers are gorgeous. Take a look at her blog.On June 1st she will be releasing new images..   The word stamps are new from Our Daily bread designs. The set is called the God Quotes. Since I do cards for a couple churches, I use scripture often. Here is a link....
Love this vase of Azaleas from Power Poppy. The 'carded' ribbon & the word cards go in pockets behind the images.

Oh Oh, another tiny shaker card. Wish the light had co operated!

This is from the Countryside bouquet...from Power Poppy. So Pretty.
Thanks again.....


Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Well, I would say this is odd, but I used to always start my older blog with a dog pic! So I won't say too much here. Just that these pics are a younger Gracie. She is 5 now. The lighter the fur, the younger she was.  For 365 days a year, for 5 years, she has made us laugh everyday!  What a furball!

We would have to hire a moving truck just for her balls!

She plays with her food dish or any dog dish like a skateboard. Yeah, she runs it around the house and growls at it.

She is about 2 in the pic above & probably about a year here. Now that I started this, I have three years to catch up to her age. And I promise I have enough pictures to wallpaper the house!
Thanks fur indulging me!

Starting with 'Double' shakers cards. Had so much fun doing these!

Just looks 'happy' like a birthday or party! I used the aloha  paper on the inside, but left it blank for now.
Have to mention the Santa banner came from Pretty little Studio.

 More uses for my ' lawn fawn' balloon dies. I added a stitched vellum pocket to this one!

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Promises promises.... Yes, I am a day late, but the sun went way before I finished!! Yes in Las Vegas, the sun went behind the cloud. This is the no- bulk shaker card that started the 'shaker' obsession again.

From a notecard from Big Lots! I replaced the Hello on the front with a transparency & sparkles!

Just got the Lawn Fawn Balloons & had to play!

Wednesday, May 20, 2015

This is it! Today is the day I post a whole month in one day!! Hope you bear with me as I post a lot of things that aren't related. First, but not necessarily in order, were my lovely Mothers day flowers from Doug. They came, well just let me show you the first day 'flower picture'. Different, but  it was so fun to watch them open! 
Day two,  they opened alittle

There are about 12 or more Irises, and about 6 of the Stargazer lillies. So Pretty. Thanks Doug!
 The rest of the month looks like I didn't do anything. I went through some cards and re-made, upgraded, fixed, and finished them. Wow, working on 'half done' stuff is harder than starting a project from the begining. Here is a picture of one of the 3 piles. Some are for the church ministry and the Christmas will go to the nursing home.
In retrospect it was fun. I won't get to excited as there is still alot more to do. I took a break and made a card that I saw on a video. It is a no-bulk shaker card. The KEY word is 'shaker' card. I am obsessed again! Here is the link by  
Seriously, I realized my card wasn't edited. BIG shadow, so watch for my next post later this morning1
Thanks, Mary