Friday, August 18, 2017

On a happier note!

On a happier note, I would like to share some pictures that I did recently.

Another one with the Marianne die.

Penny Black die "Glee" Used the oxide inks for the background and the copics for the shadows.
Another "oxide ink" background with the image directly stamped on the paper first. Yes, these are Penny Black 'word stamps'.
Thanks for looking!

August 18th

Have to say a bunch of words about PC laptops before posting some pictures. PC laptops built my computer about 8 years ago. I loved the computer, the service and the fact that I have lifetime maintence on the computer.  I took it in July 2nd for one of my twice a year services. They tried to sell, sell, sell. They talked like my computer was 'trash', they did sell me more space. I did see that I needed that. When I didn't bite on the $2,100.00 computer, they were disgusted. Bottom line two things that everyone needs to know about the Henderson Nevada store. They lied to me twice. Just stupid stuff, like I called you & they didn't. The other lie was, Saturday we left the computer for the update. And Monday when I called to see if it was ready, it wasn't, and the one guy said they didn't know what I wanted done. They lied about saying that later. The computer wasn't ready till thursday. We made a useless trip Monday to get it...won't be done at 3:30, but come get it at 5:30. So that isn't the worst part. I had photoshop CS5 on it. I wouldn't have done the update if I thought they would lose it, and they did. My husband remembers they assuring us "no problem" to the transfer. They program was a gift, and so I didn't have a disc.
The killer is that they installed a TRIAL program that they thought I wouldn't notice (?), that I would have to pay for in 30 days!! Yeah. $50.00 a month for the CS5 extended program that I had. They offered $200.00 back for the work done. I tried to think that was okay, but it isn't. My computer has more problems now than ever before. I signed up for their 'remote' tech support, and paid $19.99 a month. Just trying to stay loyal to PC laptops.
One more thing about profiling, I personally think, the younger generation, (the employees) at PC laptops saw 'middle- oh, old" people come in and assumed they were stupid. PS I didn't take the $200.00. The program was $1100. new, lifetime maintence gone because of lack of trust, that is money as well.  So Henderson Nv, watch out for PC laptops

Thursday, August 10, 2017

So what a treat!

I went outside Sunday and there were hundreds of butterflies in my flowers. Thought you might like it if I share some of the pictures.
Hope you enjoyed!
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Great day to share!

Yes, it is a great day to share some pretty cards I've made over the last month. Emily suprised me with the lovely die. It is a card square that is easily done. I cut a 5 1/2 x 5 1/2 square card, and with the card open,  I ran the die through on the front of the card. I added some DP to accent and stabilize the card under the butterfly image, and on the inside to carry out the theme.

She got the die from Check it out!

If you do order from wish, be mindful of the sizes. I have received some 'label' dies that were smaller than I thought. Em has a big squirrel! The measurements are in mm or cm. So click on the description of the item, so you won't be supprised.
Thanks for looking,

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Friday & Saturday in July

Yes, it is still hot here. What better way to spend a weekend than at a garage sale put on by the local stamp store! The Paper Bunny is about the only store left here in Las Vegas that carries a full range of all things 'crafty'.  She set up a sale for anyone who had used 'goodies' to sell. Goodies included, punches, dies, a cricut, xyron, rubber stamps, stamp sets, and paper paper paper. Did I mention I bought paper??  Here is a look at my $29.50 stash.

There is a whole prima "fairy" collection in this one. Notice the 4 sets of stamps. I think they were 5.00, then there are 3 more sets of stamps (not pictured). Wow! They were $2.50 Good sale.

Made two collage cards from one of the paper collections this morning. So summery!
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Friday, July 21, 2017

Late again! Friday July 21st.

Another 2 weeks between posts. I am a slow blogger. Todays update, and, all of the last 3 weeks have been in triple digits. For those not in Nevada, that means it has been over 100 degrees for nearly a month. We did have a big thunderstorm wednesday, so that was our coolest at about 95 degrees. Yup, weather update complete! I have been busy organizing my die cuts. I haven't taken pictures yet, but i promise I will show you what I have done with them in a couple days! Took a long time but I think it will be worth it.  For today I will share a die cut that I love. It is the Sue Wilson Austrailian Collection background die. It is elegant and versatile.

Thanks for looking!



Sunday, July 9, 2017

Sunday Morning!

Yeah! Got my computer back! Not happy with the outcome, as it acts slower than ever. The repair place was more interested in selling updates. Not sure they even checked for a virus. Just need to find a new place. This place built my computer, and we have updated and had it serviced pretty regularly for a long time. First time I have really been unhappy with the work and service. One of the guys lied to me two times. That inspires trust.
                                                   On a 'cheerier" note lets look at some cards for today! Best to stay inside and play with art. It has been 118 degrees here the last couple days! These 'she' cards are not my usual type, but just liked the words, and just the way they are put together. Simple, but classy.
The stamps are one set from Unity stamps.

You know how I like reaching into my old stamps and dies, (mostly stamps), and using something I haven't used in a long time. How about this Magenta background stamp? Easy card
Used the Anna Griffin die on this one. Side by side, not so pretty, but standing alone they are lovely.
Thanks for looking,
Mary S