Monday, November 28, 2016

Thanksgiving is Past

We have so much to be grateful for today and every day! I am grateful that I get to go fix 'Turkey for a Gang' right after I show some cards. The first two cards, and the little frames used in the cards are from One sheet with the Joy, believe, houses, frames, tag & gingerbread guy. Oh, forgot the mittens!

The little deer cut outs are from Gecko girls.

Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, November 16, 2016


Heartfelt creations albums are addicting. I am on my fourth album! I know, they take up space, but they really do hold a good amount of pictures. The Journal that I used for so long is 5x 8, and usually I cut my pictures smaller to fit more in the journal. Then, the images are not so striking as they are in regular size.  In the Heartfelt creations albums you can use a 4x6 picture. Nice. This is my 2nd album. I need more embellishments on the cover, but I have filled it with pictures from March to October.

Zoeie is 15!


Thanks for looking!

Wednesday, November 9, 2016


No pictures now. Just glad this election is over. I am compelled to write a few words to sum up my (how important is that?), feelings this morning. My first thought is to 'thank' the American people who voted. I have family members & friends that think that doing nothing is okay. It is not.  We all have children and grandchildren, and we should read, and study, then vote our conciences for their futures. Last night should show that yes, we still have a voice.
One more thing, we need to continue to pray for this nation. Without that foundation, we can't have the America that so many have sacrificed for.
             Thanks for looking!

Thursday, November 3, 2016

Get Ready!

This time I want to show the dies in the Tattered Lace collection that I got from the home shopping network.

This was the reason for buying the set. See the big 'outside frame' ? It is a center step. AND the center step has a waterfall template. They showed it on the right side. I haven't used it yet. The center step fits on the grand calibur machine, barely. At HSN they used the crossover machine.
 Included are several decorative pieces for the ottom and the sides. Words Congratulations and Best wishes are included in the set. This is only ONE of three sets that came as a bundle.

I used this set for most of the ones featured on the last page. This has a scalloped edge & the next one has an indented (?), not sure what to call it, edge. Last image shows the star and snowflake.
One more, not christmas, but so pretty!
Thanks for looking!

Ready for a "Blog" day!

There are tons of cards to show today! I didn't blog much in October, as we had company. But I have been working! The first ones to show are Tattered Lace dies. I would say that I got 'suckered in' to buying them, but that would be a lie!  They were my first purchase on Create 'n' Craft. Ok HSN.  Here are the first cards I made in August.

There are four decorative square frames. One is ivy, holly, star, and the last is snowflake. I doubt if that first one is ivy, maybe it is a generic vine? They are all pretty & they all have the various sizes of matching frames for the inside. This set was expensive, but there are a ton of dies! And don't forget there are 2 shapes of easel dies.

The ivy, bells and snowflakes are included! The words are the card with the bells is a Just Rite stamp
These are just your standard A-2 card folded on the side.
This looks naked without words, maybe I will try to 'jazz' it up! The snowflake with the ornament is nice. I think the ornament is a Spellbinder die.
Not very light in the house right now, so these are just a couple more either with the'easel die' or folded. The peace & joy dies are memory box.
Thanks for looking for now! Look for the next post in a couple hours, I want you to see what comes in the complete Tattered lace set.