Thursday, November 3, 2016

Get Ready!

This time I want to show the dies in the Tattered Lace collection that I got from the home shopping network.

This was the reason for buying the set. See the big 'outside frame' ? It is a center step. AND the center step has a waterfall template. They showed it on the right side. I haven't used it yet. The center step fits on the grand calibur machine, barely. At HSN they used the crossover machine.
 Included are several decorative pieces for the ottom and the sides. Words Congratulations and Best wishes are included in the set. This is only ONE of three sets that came as a bundle.

I used this set for most of the ones featured on the last page. This has a scalloped edge & the next one has an indented (?), not sure what to call it, edge. Last image shows the star and snowflake.
One more, not christmas, but so pretty!
Thanks for looking!

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