Tuesday, November 25, 2014

The first of the month Al & I visited Ralph Jones. They are a display store in Las Vegas.  I used to buy from them when I had my store.

They retail store fixtures AND they have a wonderful display of Christmas trees year round.  I love this picture! There are trees of every them imaginable theme!

Hard to photograph, but really nice.
Saving the best for last. She is big and beautiful!



Monday, November 24, 2014

One more post from the wedding!

The girls and I made these for the table decor. The restaurant wouldn't allow too much. No flowers, no bows.
                           Had to get Johnathon in his tuxedo!
These two were screen shots. I wasn't allowed to shoot during the ceremony or anywhere on the chapel premises.

I did get this later on! Getting dark outside.....


Make-up time ...

Dawn and her sister, DeAnna, and her Nieces Jessica and Sarah

Getting dressed with Sarah's help

Even the little girls look pretty!

                                                              All ready to go!
EVER been so far behind, you wouldn't, couldn't, and didn't do anything! Well, that is how I have been the past months. Sorry for the 'lack'  of posts, but life has been busy. I know we are all busy. We had family here in October. Family, grandchildren I hadn't seen in a long time and a wedding event that was fun. I will post a few personal highlights from the last month and a half.

Stacy, Johnathon, and Christal 


Aly, Marlias older sister

Stacy on the left with Christal who is little Marlia's Mom. Wow!

They came, we visited, we ate & visited more!

Kelly and Dawn the day before the wedding and after the long drive down here