Sunday, February 28, 2016

Easter Cards, just the begining!

Again I am working on cards for the nursing home. Usually its just for Christmas, but I decided that I had soooo much 'stuff' that it would be nice for Easter.

So the idea came from another Artist. Here is the link. Loved her idea using the Kaiser paper with butterflys and Easter eggs. So festive with the foiled look!

Thanks for looking today!

Sunday, February 21, 2016

February 2016

Here are a couple cards I want to show you. Spellbinders new Art Deco dies are absolutely stunning!

Spellbinders die named Astoria Decorative Accent. It is 5 x7, so alittle bigger than I make. How about 'bigger' for the Big ocassion!

Spellbinders Did named Astoria Decorative Element. I used the Art Deco 'center' from the Astoria Decorative Accents

The last one is a close up. Love this die!

This is the Arched Diamond. The card isn't finished, but thought you would like to see this border. Beautiful!

Thursday, February 11, 2016

Hot Sausage Sandwich! Yum!

This is an easy week-night dinner. I wanted to post this cheesy gooey picture on pinterest, but how unfair would that be without the recipie?? 
IMG_4788 copya

    1 Pound ground beef
     3 Italian Sausage links....I perfer hot, but mild is good too!
     1 jar pizza sauce
      16 ounces mozarella cheese ( I add cheddar pieces or velveeta) .
       2 loaves french bread cut lengthwise.
IMG_4784 copy
      Remove casings from sausage. Add ground beef to skillet with sausages and crumble with a fork. Brown till no color remains. Drain excess. Add whole jar of pizza sauce. Simmer, stirring frequently, for about 5 minutes.
Lay out 2 lengths of foil horizontally and overlapping in the center. I long piece won't wrap all the way around the bread. If you have counter space lay out both loaves of bread, one on each of the prepared foils. Spoon mixture evenly over each split loaf. Sprinkle cheese using half for each loaf. Wrap the sides and ends of the foil around the bread. Bake at 350o for about 35 minutes.   ..... Look at all that gooey cheese.... Yum. Serves 4-6 (2 loaves).
One more idea, since there is just 2 of us at home now I bake one one night and the other the next night. Or I give it to my daughter or we just eat alot!

Saturday, February 6, 2016

FEBRUARY 6, 2016

First of all, my apologies for not 'dating' my posts. I found that when I went to some blogs they were not dated, then figured out they were really old posts. There were inspirational ones, ones I liked, even if the blogger hadn't posted for 5 years. Big disappointment when you like something and then it is gone and totally unavailable. I actually worry that some one may have met a tragic end! Okay, I'm at that age that it is normal to worry... where are they now?  Probably in another blogland and I can't find them! Ha!  At the least, if I start dating my posts I will have to address that guilt if I procrastinate!
The first post for February are Christmas cards that I worked on since the first of the year. I know, its not time for holidays.
I saw this idea on Pinterest and hopefully, no one will be offended that I copied it!  They will be for the nursing home.
Thats it for now!
Thanks for looking...