Tuesday, August 26, 2014

There are a couple things that I want to share. First these little circle cards. They are so pretty!

I thought I already had shared these, but I know one was for a friend and I didn't want her to see it before her birthday! The background die is a Marianne Creatables. It is about a 5" circle, so it makes a nice background. The other dies used are Spellbinders heart or butterfly circle, and the regular spellbinder circle dies. There are purchased and handmade flowers. Add a greeting tag and lots of glitter!

Monday, August 25, 2014

It is the month for the Hatch Chilies.  We bought our first 25 pound box. That seemed pretty intimidating. We bought them at Smiths and had them roasted free. After they were roasted there was a lot less. We actually got 19 quart bags of 6 chilies each. They went in the freezer on one shelf. Easy.
The guy at Smiths was really nice, he fired up the flame so I could get my best pictures!
We made yummy cornbread last week and yesterday we made the Hatchtastic Cheesey pork tenderloin. There are several steps, first the marinade, then the filling, and then the puree. Believe me the puree makes it! I could eat that on any tortilla! Here is the link for the recipe..http://www.centralmarket.com/recipe/main-courses/Hatch-tastic-Cheesy-Pork-Tenderloin-With-Hatch-Pur
I am not sure about the link I posted, so here is my pinterest link. http://www.pinterest.com/theartis/good-food/      

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Here is a twist on my blog. Hope everyone is okay with a little variation from the cards & paper arts to some camera exercises. Yes, got a new camera for my birthday. I started the 'photo a  day'  in 2010. We got Gracie, puppy, and that was the extent of the next 363 pictures! So this time, since this camera is
even more awesome, I am going to try again. It is fitting that Gracie is the first picture in the 2014 series!

The next two pictures are of Kyle. The darker (too yellow) picture NOT with the flash that the camera suggested. I don't usually use flash, but today I took different shots and I have to say the camera knows best. I photo shopped the second picture. Notice the green around the jawline??

Day 2....Gracie  She is so sweet!

Day 2... Wish I would've seen this sooner! I deliberately didn't edit it.

This is just exactly what it appears to be, wheat, grass, blowing in the wind. Yes, I know I need to get out more!! The second picture was edited in the camera after the picture was taken. Pretty cool.   My other camera had that (or a similar) feature too. 

Canon Eos 70D. Pretty classy. In the next weeks I will add some pictures and maybe some pointers for using this camera. TIP ONE... This is a DSLR and it has the LED screen we love. However, to enable the screen, I have to push a Start button for Live picture. That was new to me. I have always had the image appear on the screen when I turned on the camera. So I asked a rep.Canon and he said that using the viewfinder is optimum. Sometimes the screen image is not what the camera 'sees'. I feel like I should have known that, but honestly I never thought of it. Think about it, the sun could really affect the screen. I have been outside in such bright sun that the screen looks black.



Tuesday, August 5, 2014

August Summer, august heat!! Its been in the 100's for a while. Think yesterday was a little cooler, although we did get some rain and the humidity!
Okay, I am through with the 'grungy, distressed, water colored' cards for awhile. Just thought I would add a couple of the blue and lavender colored ones. Really liked the 'altered' look.  Felt spontaneous, just like the old days!! 
I changed the font size here... Let me know what you think. Do I need to go back to the smaller font? I pretty much like a blog that you can read easily. Leave me a comment & Thanks!