Saturday, March 26, 2016

Happy Easter! This is the last of the Easter cards for this year. These were easy, as I used a  photocopy for the image. Just add some punched or die cut borders, some flowers, ribbon and you have a quick card.
Remember as you enjoy your day, that it has nothing to do with the Bunny & the egg!

Wednesday, March 23, 2016

This weekend is Easter. Usually I have dinner all planned out, but this is Wednesday and I am still procrastinating! Al and I thought  (yeah, thought) we needed to go to Costco, but the joy of holiday shopping is already here or there!! Tomorrow is the day we, Linda F & I, go to deliver cards to the nursing home. I think this is the first time I've done Easter. We've done 12 Christmases and a couple Valentines.

This is a set of dies from Couture Creations. There are 16 dies in the set, only about 8 are useful. The set comes with a CD & booklet with ideas and Papers to copy.
I saw these and they were't "right". One is pale gold and the other on the left is a mirrored gold. Note, I was wearing a red shirt!
More coming!
Thanks for looking!

Monday, March 21, 2016

This is about where I stopped with my Heartfelt Creations Sunflower album. I used the 2 'mirror' pockets and the pocket with the flat all from the 'A' package.

Turn to page 2 (or back of page 1),  this is a long fold- out.

Added a tri- fold pocket that I made on one of the 'fold out' pages. Next page features one of the HC pocket dies. And of course, if you feature one dog, you must be fair and include both!

The pocket on the right side pulls out and has room for journaling and photos. The photo below is the back side of that fold-out. It has another pocket across the bottom. On the right, is a pull-down pocket.

This is the pull- out
This is where I definitely decided to USE this as a album/scrapbook/ or journal. In the last 3 months Al has built a storage shed. He also re-did the rock in the front yard.  In the back yard he removed the rock & added grass! All of this was a big deal and lots of work! It deserves to be remembered. This flip-fold was from the "D" package. And the film strip edge is another HC die.

The fire hydrant is real and it has followed us for the last 10 years.  He just repainted it!
Then we had our Daughter in law and family come visit last weekend. There are more pictures behind. And a flip out on the right, and below is the last page and another pull-down.


This is the last page or inside back cover open and pulled down.
After Easter, I am going to start another album!
Thanks for looking!

Tuesday, March 8, 2016

This post will be more pictures from the Sunflower Album. Just to refresh myself and whoever may be looking, this is where I stopped posting Sunday.
This is the inside cover and page one. I  added a card to the left side.

Wow! I tried putting these pictures in the order 'of the album' several times. Each time the picture flips on top of one another. Hopefully this is it! This is the back of the page with the pocket (page 1.) on the left. There are lots of 'flip outs' in different sizes. So cool. There is more embellishing to do on the left side. The next picture shows the page extended out!

So today  I messed around to long and have company. Its time to craft with a friend! Thanks for looking, be back tomorrow.


Friday, March 4, 2016

March 4 2016 Beautiful Morning!

This is Thursday morning. It is already March, and as I wrote, a beautiful day in Henderson! Get ready for a long post or more than one!  I am soooo excited about the Heartfelt Creations Albums. At the end of this post I will post links for videos from Heartfelt Creations. Be sure to watch them!  For now, I am just excited to show you my first Sunflower Album. 
Cover Page. Using Heartfelt Creations wonderfully co-ordinated paper packs makes this so easy! Running out is a possibility, so be sure and choose your cover paper early. I actually was about out of paper when I decided on  mine. Just a thought!

This is how it begins, first the album, then a variety of flip/folded pages. The albums and pages come in black, white and kraft. The page packets are labeled A, B, C, & D. Each package has 4 or 5 different styles of  flip/fold or pockets in the packet. They are all pre-scored and ready to use in multiple applications.

Heartfelt Creations, or, HC as I will refer to the company from now on, also has the stamps and dies to match your theme. The sunflowers on the spine are made from the sunflower stamp and die. Really easy.
Next is the inside cover, and the first page.  I hope this is not "too in your face", but I wanted you to see the detail.  Notice the curved pockets left, and right. They are part of the packet "A". The pocket with the sunflowers is from that same packet. Ok I'm pretty sure. Also, notice all the room for cards & photos. The pockets are scored so that you can fill them with lots of things!