Wednesday, June 22, 2016

June Post

  Yesterday I couldn't get pictures to load at all. Now I pretty much lost that train of thought! Here is a partial view of the Las Vegas Strip. I took this with my canon SX120. It is my 'go to camera'. It is
comfortable. Definitely not small, but not as big as the D70. The SX is older & I will be sad when it finally quits. The last of the camera stores are gone from the valley, so repair would have to be shipped ...  PS. I was on the 29th floor of Tahiti village here. Quite a view.
One more 'off topic' picture ...

Have any of you heard of a 'Hoya" plant.?  The leaves are kind of waxy and smooth. They are supposed to bloom with balls of star- shaped flowers like this. I think they can be pink or white. These are a light pink at first, then they lighten even more. I have had the plant since 1978. Yes, 1978. I got it from a hostess when I sold Home Interiors in California. This is the first year it has ever bloomed!! My plant blooms one flower a week, and we watch every single time. I' had 4 flowers. My Mother told me (a long time ago),  that they could be full of flowery blooms, but this one never did. They smell absolutely wonderful. The flower only lasts about a week.

Thanks for looking, If I don't quit now, you will be looking at Gracie rolling around again! Thats the dog. I could wallpaper the house with pictures of the dogs!


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