Wednesday, July 27, 2016

We have been watching our zoeie for awhile now. Probably at least a month off and on. And that is what I care about most. We are now lifting her up and supporting her until she can stand. She does, but it is terribly hard for her. The last two days she has slept and she isn't eating dog food. I guess I didn't say she is a dog. Thats because she has been family for almost 15 years.

Ok She looks fine here. She is, She is chasing a 'goodie' so I can get a picture!

Zoie, a sweet sweet girl. July 2016. We take care of her as long as it takes.
Wait! can't sign off without Miss Gracie.
They love each other. When they go to the groomer, they crawl in the same kennel together. Zoeie was never kenneled ever. Just liked to be  together. Gracie 'goes to get her Zoeie" when she is outside, or at treat time. She herds her.
Thanks for looking

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