Tuesday, April 5, 2016

April 5 2016

Good morning! It is so beautiful here. Probably unseasonably warm, but it would be a lovely morning for coffee on the patio!
Instead I have some bold bright cards to share. These are made with the new Spellbinders 'Vertical Chain' die.That is pretty much it, Em and I got together and went crazy. We layered several colors on top of one another and added either a sentiment or a flower. Thats it!

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Picture of the die and a couple of cuts!

Don't you just love the colors?
Ems card. She used the 'long pieces', not the circles that falls out. So we called it the 'waste' and kept using it as part of the layers behind the vertical chain.
This kind of showed up in the wrong place, but again, I do like the color combination.

This is mine, using the 'waste' as the focal point. However, this was Emilys idea. The card below is hers!
Yes, we did have fun that day!
Thanks for looking!


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