Monday, June 19, 2017

HOT Monday!

Supposed to be 117 today! Ugh, still need to  go to the store. Al is fixing breakfast, so while I am waiting, lets take a look at some miscellaneous cards that I did last week!

Easy Serendipity(at least that is what we used to call this), cards with little squares. I thought I edited this, but oops...see my family room.

The little squares are from a stamped, embossed card that didn't turn out. They could be any pattern, or just designer papers. I like the gold edging. The last card (green), was a bunch of paint spattered squares. Been sitting around awhile! Maybe I can recycle it!
The PSX tulip in bucket stamp. Below is the Marianne die that was featured earlier with a power poppy stamp in the center.

Thanks for looking today!




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