Friday, May 12, 2017

Pictures & Cards

Expecting to post cards today, but this morning I am playing with my cameras! Just a sideline showing the same picture, each one about 5 minutes apart, (considering the light), and from the same angle.
This is my oldest camera, the canon sx201. It has about 18 mpixel, and its lowest angle is 28mm. It is my 'go to' for my cards. Even though this shot is not exemplery, the camera is a point and shoot.
Canon D-70. Awesome camera. It is expensive. It is 20 mpixel and lowest angle is 18mm on the 18-55lens. Liked this camera for Johns graduation pictures.
You could say 'last is best', except the flowers are pink. I agree, this shot is stunning. This is my latest camera. It is the 'mirrorless' Sony A6000. Awesome shots. Some pros are using these cameras, as they are lighter weight, and I love the 'low light' feature. It is 24mpixel with the 18mm-55mm lens.
And for you Flower people out there, this is a 39 year old Hoya plant. I had it 38 years before it bloomed. Last year we got four blooms. There are 10 of the little 'star flower' clusters on it now! I was selling Home Interiors in Placerville Ca, and my hostess gave me this plant. We moved it everwhere, but this must be its favorite place!
Next post will be more card-sharing!
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