Wednesday, February 1, 2017

First day of February!

Already, it is the 2nd month of 2017. Hope you enjoy this first post. This is about my latest obsession, a Marianne 'ribbon' die. Luckily, I didn't get the round one, (just the square), or this post would be really Long!! In the first part of this I get to compare two cameras,two shots.  Lets get started!

These are a few of the Marianne Designs Cutting sheets. They are only .84 a sheet! Yes, they are from the BUDDLY Crafts in the UK. The shipping is reasonable and it takes 11 days.  About 6 days then it depends on where you are in the USA. The Cartoppers are shown below. They are $2.63 for 3 each of 7 images. They are windmills, houses, snow covered trees, or fields and winter animals. They are a perfect size for the ribbon square die.

The cards above were taken with the canon SX201. 18 megapixel. Love this camera. It is my 'go to" and has been for 4 years. It is bigger than a  'point & shoot' but ALOT smaller than the D70. So the next picture is the same card taken with the Sony A6000. It is about the same size as the SX201 but it has 24 megapixels. It shoots in RAW. It is a long & techie story, but it does almost everything that the D70 does!!  Love the low light capabilities!


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