Friday, October 2, 2015

It has been an exciting month! It will be a month tomorrow since we moved into our house. We have unpacked & bought alot of things.The refrigerator and stove is sort of a necessity! That was fun for me, as we had never picked one.  We bought other things like a wall mount for the TV, a couch (that was completely unplanned), but I loved the 12 pillows and the orange and prussian blue colors! Gave the leather couches to Diana. She has MS and she desperately needed a loveseat with a place for her pepsi. Hopefully, it will be easier for her. Al is working on the garage now. What else?? Just want to mention that we had the best realtor! If you are in Las Vegas, or Henderson Nv. consider Joanie Bunker. She is with Realty one. She is so personable, and efficient.

We used the same company to move us 3 times in the last 4 years, and we had issues this time. When we tried to resolve the issues, the office person was extremely rude. Warrens homework. One of the google comments was that the lady in the office was rude. So true. I am glad we won't be moving any time soon, but then we won't recommend them. With all this out of the way, let me include some of the cards I made while unpacking! Al did put up my the shelves in the 'stamp room' pretty quickly!

All these cards are made with the set 'Abby' Spring or something like that. It is from Simon Says stamps. And yes, it is too cute!

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