Thursday, August 20, 2015

Just had our Son Doug and Grandsons here for the weekend. Hope they had a good time. We did. Took them to a movie. It is really hard to find something to do when it is 110 degrees! We used to have a pool, but we don't anymore. Ugh. We went through our new house, and some other big expensive models. Told the kids not to get to excited, ours is about half that size! It was hot going up and down the stairs of the new ones. Luckily ours is a one story.  We are looking like the garage in the house here, with all the boxes stacked up. Supposed to have 12 days to go. 

Yum Krispy Kremes with Zach & Andrew!

I did have a really nice birthday this year. So far it has spanned about a week and a half! I got some beautiful cards, crafty stuff & 3 (yes count them), 3 lunches with 3 friends. Talk about blessed!! The explosion card was a suprise in the mail from Dawn. Love it!

This is just too adorable! All the girls came and thought it was beautiful! I wish my pictures were better.

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