Wednesday, June 17, 2015

 Baking has always been fun for me, except maybe, the dishes. So Sunday I made a couple sweet 'treats' for my family. Sent some to Diana, some for us, and Emily got the last Macaroon. Pinterest is my friend even though I have hundreds of old cookbooks. Just wish I had had the little pan that she used. It is small, tart size, and the bottoms remove. I think it is a little like an angel food cake pan. Check out her link. They were good, maybe best for 2 days.
These came from
So next one is French Macaroons. These turned out so yummy, I ate one for breakfast, lunch and they were ummm..The icing is the meringue mixture that we made for the s'mores. The only difference is the butter in the Macaroons. Just in case I get side-tracked, (easy for me), I will give you the link. Be sure and watch the video. The Macaroons are easier than you think!
See the cute little 'domed' tops. Actually the white ones were wonderful, but the 'dome' wasn't quite like it should look.  The Pink ones are Raspberry.

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